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Dr. Rob O'Brien, Ph.D., President and Chief Technology Officer, was a professor in Analytical Chemistry for over 13 years and has more than 25 years of experience in analytical chemistry. An expert in analytical instrumentation, he has set up a number of advanced analytical laboratories and has held an executive position in a number of commercial enterprises. Dr. O'Brien possesses a track record of successful commercialization of intellectual property developed from academic research. During his academic career, Dr. O'Brien secured over 3 million dollars in research grants and has developed an extensive network of research collaborators.

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Dr. Melanie Reed, MD, FRCPC, is our medical issues consultant. Dr. Reed also holds a variety of academic and professional post including being the Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, Southern Medical Program (SMP), UBC School of Medicine and Clinical Associate Professor with the Department of Surgery at UBC. Dr. Reed was formally a Radiation Oncologist at the Cancer Centre for the Southern Interior in Kelowna and a Royal College examiner. At Supra R&D she has been involved in Health Canada license applications and related activities. She is also the spouse of the company founder.

Dr. Faezeh Dousty, Ph.D., Research Chemist, has 5 years of experience in food industry as quality control manager and more than 7 years of experience in analytical chemistry in electrochemistry and mass spectrometry fields. Currently, she is developing chemical fingerprint blueprints for quality control of natural products using the state-of-art analytical platforms in combination with chemometric tools.

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Seamus Riordan-Short, Research Assistant, is an undergraduate UBC Okanagan student currently working under an NSERC Experience award. He has been at Supra since 2014, developing analytical chemistry skills and working on several different projects. In the summer of 2015, Seamus was also funded through an NSERC, developing chiral analysis techniques for authentication of essential oils. He is currently focusing on development of the Supra Extraction Equipment Development (SEED) prototype, as well as creation of our new website.

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Katelyn Thiessen, B.Sc. (with honours), Research Chemist, has been working with Supra since May 2015 as a Summer Research Assistant funded through two Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Experience Awards. Katelyn has gained hands-on experience with the analytical instrumentation at Supra, as well as research experience. Her current research is focused on volatiles in wine and natural products.

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Anderson Smith, B.Sc., Chief Operating Officer, has been involved in the analytical chemistry industry for 13 years in several critical roles, notably as Western Canada Service Manager and Canadian Service Business Development leader for one of Canada’s largest instrument vendors. Prior to joining the instrumentation industry, Anderson was a primary analyst in a major analytical contract lab in Vancouver, with the food residue and food chemistry division. During his time with the laboratory, he developed several standard methods for the analysis of various analytes in a number of raw food matrices utilizing LCMSMS detection. A selection of these methods were published or presented as posters at analytical chemistry conferences. He has recently developed extensive expertise in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and in securing laboratory accreditation.

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Dawn Visintainer, M.Sc., Research Scientist, has more than 5 years of experience in the field of analytical chemistry and has a diverse academic background where she gained her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Masters of Science in Biochemistry. After graduation, she worked in a QA/QC laboratory where she gained experience with quality management systems, such as, GMP, GLP, and ISO. Dawn is currently responsible for the development and validation of new testing procedures and the verification of existing methods in accordance with ISO 17025 standards. Including: PCB/Dioxins, Pesticide, Smoke Taint, Brettanomyces and Mycotoxin Analysis.

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Ryan Hayward, B.Sc. (with honours), P.Chem., Research Chemist, has more than 7 years experience within commercial, ISO 17025 accredited laboratory settings. He previously worked in an environmental laboratory as a coordinator for their inorganic department where he was responsible for department oversight as well as improvement of pre-existing methods as well as validation and deployment of new protocols. He has previous experience as a member of a QMS commitee and has undertaken further training to be an ISO 17025 compliant internal auditor.

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Matthew Noestheden, MSc., is currently a graduate student at UBCO pursuing his PhD in chemistry. His research is a joint effort between Supra R&D and UBCO, with funding coming through the MITACS Accelerate program and the Walter C. Sumner Memorial Fellowship. Matthew is involved in two research streams: 1) the development of an innovative chromatographic column that will enable very high separation efficiency under uHPLC conditions; and 2) elucidating a deeper understanding of the chemical changes in wine grapes and wine following exposure to forest fire (i.e., smoke taint). Prior to his PhD studies, Matthew spent 6 years as an LC-MS Application Specialist and Analytical Consultant with a focus on food and environmental applications, as well as customer training on LC-MS hardware and software.

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