Supra Research
and Development

Novel & Advanced Analytical Techniques

Standard packed bed columns (fully porous or core-shell) are limited by operating pressure when it comes to obtaining very high separation efficiencies. We are in the process of establishing a novel, high efficiency HPLC column utilizing a design conceived and developed as a collaboration between Supra and UBC Okanagan. This column can be used under uHPLC conditions and should provide the separation efficiency needed to investigate highly complex samples by HPLC, while still accommodating the pressure limits of commercially available pumping systems.

As well, advanced analytical work-flows are being utilized to understand complex biological processes. In particular, the analysis of smoke taint in wine grapes that have been exposed to forest fire is being investigated. The variety of high-end analytical techniques available to Supra (GC, (u)HPLC, CE, MS/MS, QToF, FAIMS, NMR) uniquely positions us to provide a new, more in-depth understanding of this important process.