Dr. Matthew Noestheden

Dr. Matthew Noestheden is an analytical chemist with a strong pedigree in method development and applied mass spectrometry.  Matthew started his career working in the pharmaceutical industry for Amgen, where he evaluated the chemical stability of early-stage clinical candidates using mass spectrometry.  He then spent three years as a method development chemist for Vogon Laboratories, an analytical consulting firm located in Calgary, Alberta. In this role, he gained significant experience in ISO 17025 accreditation and was also part of team of scientists contracted by Agilent Technologies to provide application, hardware and software training and support across North America for their LC-MS portfolio.  Immediately preceding his PhD studies, Matthew spent three years as an application specialist at SCIEX with a focus on method development and application support for environmental, food and beverage markets for nominal and accurate mass LC-MS systems. Prior to his current role as Supra’s Chief Operations Officer, Matthew obtained his Ph.D in analytical chemistry from the University of British Columbia where he developed leading analytical methods to characterize the chemical changes in wine grapes that are exposed to forest fire smoke, and the resulting impact in wine (so called ‘smoke-taint’).  The methods Matthew developed are now offered as part of Supra’s commercial services. Presently, Supra is the only laboratory in Canada that offers testing of grapes and wine for smoke-taint – something that is a major concern to grape growers and winemakers globally, but is of particular concern in British Columbia. 

More details can be found on Matt’s LinkedIn profile