The global trend towards Cannabis legalization as medicinal product or adult recreational use has increased the need and demand for validated analytical approaches to ensure that these products are safe and effective.  SUPRA is committed to developing improved testing protocols for this sector as well as education and training materials that improve product quality and safety.  SUPRA is also committed to developing products and methodologies that improve the scientific understanding of these products and its impact on human health and well being. 

SUPRA proudly supports and is engaged with renowned international Organizations developing quality standards.  Specifically, ASTM International’s D37 committee on Cannabis and AOAC International where we are a pioneer member of the Cannabis Analytical Science Program (CASP). SUPRA was one of the first two Canadian analytical laboratories to obtain ISO 17025 accreditation with a scope of methods that included cannabis products.   SUPRA also holds an Industrial Hemp Cultivation License from Health Canada.    

SUPRA is actively working on securing the appropriate licenses and international accreditation to deliver the following commercial offerings for the cannabis sector;

  • Analytical Testing services
  • In matrix materials for proficiency testing, QA/QC requirements and lab training
  • Contract Research and Development work, including small batch production runs
  • Education and training programs
  • Consulting services relating to quality control, lab set-up and Hemp Cultivation

Testing Offered