Supra Research and Development offers multi-residue pesticide analysis on plant material and processed matrices such as juice, wine, and oils. Samples are prepared using a modified QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, Safe) method and analyzed with a TSQ 9000-AEI triple quadrupole MS/MS instrument coupled to a Thermo Scientific TRACE 1310 GC. QuEChERS has allowed pesticide residue testing to be performed in a more cost-effective manner than previous methodologies.

Presently, we report over 200 pesticides including those specified in the USP and EN monographs. Additional pesticides can be added as needed. Please contact us for a full list.

Testing Capabilities

  • Flexible data packages and report levels
  • Health Canada pesticide active ingredients list and limits
  • Plant material, processed matrices such as juice and oils

Analytical Methods

  • European EN 15662
  • AOAC 2007.01
  • USP 561 – Articles of Botanical Origin

External Links

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