Nanalysis Corp. is a Canadian NMR company based in Calgary, Alberta. A world-leading manufacturer of compact, portable, benchtop NMR spectrometers for a variety of applications across many sectors.

Supra is an official distributor of Nanalysis benchtop NMR Spectrometers including the NMReady-60e, NMReady-60PRO and related accessories developed and manufactured by Nanalysis Corp.

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Reference Materials

Are your standards good enough to verify the quality and traceability of your products?  Are they suitable for calibrating your analytical instruments and validating their measurements?  Reliability of reference materials is paramount for defending your analytical results.  Legitimacy of reference materials can be assured by meeting the rigorous requirements for accredited certifications.

This is why Supra Research and Development is seeking ISO 17034 and ISO 9001 accreditations to supplement its 17025 accreditation and become a producer and vendor of reference materials.  These accreditations will enable us to offer an added level of confidence and assurance by :

  • ISO 17034 – Meeting the international requirements for the competence and consistent operation for producing reference materials, including certified reference materials
  • ISO 17025 – Meeting the requirements for competently carrying out calibrations, tests, measurements and sampling in a laboratory setting
  • ISO 9001 – Meeting the international criteria for an effective Quality Management System, which consistently improves quality and ensures that our products and services consistently meet customer’s expectations

Cannabis reference materials are expensive and available in low concentrations.  First, second, and third-party laboratories are faced with the challenge of sourcing reference materials of adequate concentrations at an affordable cost.  As an accredited reference material producer, Supra R&D will offer a variety of affordable and customized standards for various applications. We will primarily manufacture reference materials for scientific research with a focus on the NHP and dietary supplement laboratory markets.