Laboratory Consulting

The operation of a laboratory can be complex as is the initial setup. We can offer a number of services to those seeking to setup a laboratory or simply with improvements on a working facility from consulting on the layout of the lab, purchasing of instrumentation, or development of standard operating procedures, all the way to full turn-key solutions including all required instrumentation, staff to perform extraction and analysis, as well as a full-featured laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Our backgrounds cover a broad scope of analytical techniques and we are able to properly advise which instrument would best suit an application. We are typically able to negotiate pricing well below what is traditionally offered which can lead to very significant savings when instruments can cost well over $100,000.


  • Instrument purchasing
  • SOP Development
  • Lab training
  • LIMS system
  • Full turn-key laboratory

Contract Research and Development

We have many years experience running directed research and development programs. In fact this is our primary focus with our company. Our analytical services and technical service offerings ensure that we have latest analytical instrumentation and highly qualified technical staff, that enable us to tackle complex research problems. We offer a wide variety of ways that company’s can engage with us, including supervision of government grants, direct fee for service contract research or even research and development in exchange for royalties or company equity.

Over the last few years, we have assisted companies with securing Mitacs grants which allow great leveraging of your research dollars. You gain access to a postdoctoral researcher as well as their supervising professor at a major university while maintaining full ownership of any and all intellectual property resulting from the project. We are well connected withing the Mitacs network and can supervise the progress of your defined project leading to a higher degree of success.

Analytical Techniques

  • UHPLC with UV and fluorescence detection
  • ICP-MS
  • GC-FID, GC-trapMS, GCMSMS with liquid, headspace, and SPME sampling
  • 500 MHz NMR
  • qPCR

Lab Training

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