Dr. Rob O'Brien

Dr. Rob O’Brien is an innovative solution provider with a strong experience base in Analytical Chemistry, Laboratory and Research team management, Scientific Education and Company Leadership. He is currently the Senior Executive for Scientific Affairs at ISURA, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the safety and effectiveness of Natural Health Products through improved analytical technology and research. He has also founded a series of companies, including Supra Research and Development and Supra THC Services Inc. These companies are also focused on developing enhanced Analytical Chemical solutions through analytical services, consulting services and contract research and development. He has been fortunate to be associated with a comprehensive and diverse team of highly qualified experts who are dedicated to produce positive social and economic benefits. This team enables him to have an impact much greater than individual capabilities would allow.

In addition to his employment activities, Rob also owns and operates a hobby farm, and is a passionate supporter of Rugby development at the university level.

More details can be found on Rob’s Linkedin profile